Basic Employee Salary slip Format template Excel

Download Salary Slip format in Excel template for employees, teachers, bank staff, government employees with adding some additional features like tax, any further notice. Check out some Printable Sample in MS office.

The term salary individually is basically a wage or fix amount of money. which a individual receive from the owner of a business or organization at end of a time period. which can be a month or week depends on place where he is working.it is however fix in most of the cases. Slip is just another name of receipt which records a certain payment made or receive. To understand the its use you better understand salary slip format features discuss below.

It is a written form of showing exact amount of money that is being pay to a certain employee from owner or from an employer at the completion of job. work or duty at the end of time period which is decide in the beginning of the job.it can be hourly or monthly depends on type of job and industry where he is hire.

Features of Salary Slip Format Excel

Monthly receipt of payslip can be download easy in multiple version of XLX and DOC file format. Company Name to employee designation and other essential detail like Year, particular month and total amount of salary after deducting leaves and other penalties as shows below.

  • Expenses of an organization can be consider as wages and salaries of employees are a major expense in some sort of businesses specially in service providing organisations.
  • In service providing businesses there is no other major cost like cost of raw material instead it mainly the wages.
  • Accounts can be maintain more accurately as there is a slip showing expenses thereby helps in calculating business performance.
Pay Slip Format Example 1Salary Slip Format Example 2
Salary Slip Format
  • Profit and loss accounts can be manage more easily as format will show the expense which reduces profit or organization.
  • A major advantage of pay receipts is that it serves as written record and can be obtain by accountant or upper management if they require it.
  • Written record will be helpful in future by eliminating risks of dispute and cheating by an employee In case of leaving or dismissing.

Printable XLX Format

Using XLX format your can print multiple customize type of format not only for record but also use as online spreadsheet for record permanently.

Printable DOC Format

Word format is most suitable format been use in banking to government institute. Mostly type of business utilize only this for daily base print of their employees financial record.

It is equally beneficial for employee as well. It can be greatly helpful in cases of applying for loans in banks as a pay slip shows you are a responsible person and showing your financial position to bank which helps them making trust on you.

Excel Template of Payslip Receipt Format

Various types of templates are available in different software’s however the one whist is mostly preferr is Microsoft word template. the template should clearly shown salary slip format name, amount to money paid to him, date of payment.it can also show the working period and the title of job.


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  1. Would you Plz send Staff weekly salary slip template in PDF version, i want to add my Company logo and also some description, so it must be editable.

    Although i been using project management software, but this template seem very simple.


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