Benefits of Salary Slip to Business Management

Electronic world has eased our life and it’s also helpful in making salary slips on computer. It is more beneficial than paper slips as paper record may be lost by company but as a copy of slip will be present in computer it can be used as alternate source if required.

  • A business needs to keep record of a salary paid by keeping salary slip.
  • It helps in preventing any cheat or fraud and disputes specially in cases of dismissal or pay deduction due to leave.
  • A big organization has a large number of employees therefore memorizing paying information regarding employees is difficult to maintain therefore salary slips helps in this regard.
  • It prevents business from cheat as an employee may ask for salary again that he has not received t yet. An accountant may need the slip to maintain accounts.
  • A slip is needed in cases of promotion as what will be the increment in salary after promotion.
  • It is sometime needed by legal bodies as they require the business to keep record of employee’s.

Microsoft Word Template as Employee Salary Slips

It is popular choice in this regard. Basic template should shows employee name on the top and also employee id and bank details where the salary will be paid. It should also shows the pay cycle that are whether the salary is paid on month basis or weekly basis.

Then a table consists of rows and column should be made. The first one showing the basic salary of an employee the second column will show the amount of basic salary. The third one will show any deductions due to leave or vacation. Fourth one will show the amount of money deducted and in the last net amount or salary can be calculated.


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