Best Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel

Multiple project management templates and software is designed to correlate the efforts of member of team and to impose order on project they are handling. Multiple Project tracking can easily work through excel template. Even with the best calculation and plan a wrong can quickly demolish months of hard work. It includes big and dominated software famous hitters like Microsoft and Oracle and small like Base camp.

Recent trends have shown that all kind of industries are utilizing software’s to tackle multiple projects tracking. However different types of Projects Company need separate and new software’s. These depends on factors like cost, time, no of team members, size of project etc.

I have compiled list of two best multiple project management templates and software.

Multiple Project Tracking Template Excel

It is one of the most popular options among both land small businesses including construction, government manufacturing and financial services. Key features include task assignments planning and automated projects status updates. Microsoft project creates budgets based on work and resource rates therefore calculate the cost.


It monitors the most important task that is it determines the project duration. Microsoft recognizes different classes of users. These various classes of users can have different access to levels of projects, views and other data therefore providing efficiency and confidentiality at same time.


In an increasingly fast and growing world where all members of team always wanted to stay connected and home based hours as a plus point Microsoft project multiple tracking template can be expensive but superb. There will come a time when multiple projects will compete for same resources and at this stage you will need to switch more efficient people to other projects to get all jobs done on time.

The main emphasis will be on resource efficiency .project can be time consuming making it possible to calculate efforts on projects due to switching of people .this is Microsoft project’s greatest power.

Another favoring point of Microsoft project is standard look of tool bar .work done on any tool can be merged into another easily. Built-in tools can save many precious hours when there is no spare time in competitive environment .furthermore there are several categories of tracking templates provided in Microsoft projects to help you track your projects and provides framework to check work done on projects.

Multiple Project Tracking Template

Multiple Project Tracking Templates (BASECAMP)

This web based software is very popular in small and middle size industries. It is a good choice for teams without complex needs. Anyone with access to project is able to edit the document. Team can be notified by adding comments.

Not only does it have all the features essential for small team but the tools are very strong. Basecamp displays your uploaded files and allows you to start discussion on documents .it saves your time by filtering information and therefore you can see relevant information saving your time and energy.

BaseCamp Multiple Tracking Software OVERVIEW:

Basecamp has always been quite popular due to its affordable cost and undoubted feasibility. There are no hidden fees and no extra users cost making costs relatively low. This project management apps due to it simple design, Auto Saving feature and allowing grouping is effortless to use.

Basecamp is well-loved and preferred by mostly small businesses. It doesn’t offer pre-made templates but you can easily design your own template. Templates may be related to specific groups therefore saving time and effort. It is steady and elegant software with no interruption.

Good software will keep you from wasting resources due to inefficiency and help you increase productivity from same resources. So what’s the best management?

Tracking tool for you? It depends on your priority and needs. Software that allows control over tasks or something more related to time tracking or usage of resources efficiently. It all depends on your view of project management and multiple project tracking template.


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