Employee Attendance Excel Template 2017 Calendar

One of the most useful template added here is attendance template used as employee record in specific year like 2017. Daily attendance and monthly records are easily observable from these templates. Temporary and permanent drawbacks occurring in the company due to employees absenteeism has cause the adopting of these templates by companies to ensure regularity of their employees in the company. Attendance is monitored on daily or weekly basis attendance.

Loss of industry due to problem in specific operation due to unavailability of the skilled employee’s is one of the major losses suffered by company due to employee’s absenteeism. Other drawbacks and troubles are also faced by companies due to employee’s irregularity in the companies. Project managers are unable to complete their projects on time due to this non serious attitude of staff.

Format of Employee Attendance Record Template 2017

  • Attendance Calendar: – Days which are off due to national holidays or other causes are mentioned in this sheet.
  • Basic Information:- Information common in all the attendance sheets are employee id, name, title, department and year.
  • Leaves: – Different types of leaves and their causes are added in the template to highlight early problems and taking actions against them.

Down value output from the processes are also direct effects of the employee’s absenteeism. Schedule and budget of the company get disturbed therefore regularity of employee’s are consider essential in the companies. Attendance sheet is observable by the supervisor or any other senior member in the management.

Attendance Sheet 2017

Daily Employee Attendance Sheet in Excel 2017

It is important to arrive office on the time and leave office on time therefore this information is also kept strictly in the attendance sheet. The attendance sheet templates added here are helpful as they automatically get updates showing the latest information about the employees and their attendance record in templates.


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