Employee Job-Salary Agreement Word Template

At the time of resource hiring, it is the first hand responsibility of organization to provide an employee job agreement which states all the terms and conditions of job or salary. Using Word agreement template, this formal document can be created easily.

These templates are especially created and published for this very reason. Instead of writing individual agreement for each employee, it is better you make a standard draft and use it whenever required.

In most companies, it is issued after the signing pact of hiring which is issued after final interview. This agreement is the settlement agenda between organization and employee, stating all conditions and laws enforced by the company, pay scale, terms and policies, intimations from company other useful information. Just like employee warning letter template this one also a word format document.

Format of Employee Job Agreement Template

As far as the format of agreement is concerned, it can be varying from organization to organization, based on their model of working and conditions of agreement. Since the purpose of this agreement is to keep employee aware of devised working policies and fade away confusions regarding the matters of company.  In this agreement, a charter of pay scale is discussed.

Employee Job-Agreement-Template

Extra Allowance Effect Monthly Budget Planning

Overtime and bonuses, increment policy, progress and deadline restrictions, fine and deductions and behavioral implications are also included. We have listed a couple of important factors regarding the format of the draft.

Take a look on the points listed below here;

  • Write down the name of organization on the main title position
  • Write down a sub heading stating the purpose of document
  • Write a formal directive appointment of clauses, pointed with active tone
  • After a brief complimentary note to the employee and congratulating him for qualifying, object towards main points
  • Start with job description, main task or prominent work role, working duration and tenure of contract, if applicable
  • Write down basic salary scale, incentives, bonuses, increment policy and terms and conditions regarding deductions
  • Then write clauses of behavioral instructions, organizational statement and vision of the company
  • Lastly you can add a clause of contract cancellation unconditionally as per the consent of company

These are free important factors which you must keep in mind before designing employee job agreement template in any format. You can also manage salaries slip of all staff using this data.


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