Employee of the Month Template {Certification Word}

In offices, maintaining competition is much necessary for keeping employees and team motivated about work. Employee of the month is the commonly rewarded title to different people who perform well for any particular month. There are readily available Word templates which help you to calculate and analyze the efficiency of best employee for the monthly time period and help you in critical assessment of this performance.

It might be time consuming and difficult to analyze the process working and all the efforts done during the tenure of thirty days however calculating this index is important for the management. It let you quickly assemble the positioning of employees and rate them in competitive mood.

Wording Use in Employee of the Month Certification Template

By using various assessment parameters with automated formulas and functions of Excel, it utterly becomes easier to count the magnificent performance difference. It is particularly beneficial in large organizations where hundreds and thousands of employees work and keeping the track of performance on manual records is difficult.

Employee of the Month

How to Choose Employee of the Month?

In order to choose your staff, you have to make certain assessments and critical review of the work performance for whole month. This assessment includes some typical parameters such as attendance on time, punctuality, regularity, dedication to job, honestly with job role, timely deliveries, schedule following, good behavior, respectable relationship with colleagues and all high line aptitude characteristics which could distinguish and employee from the rest of squad. All these parameters are calculated and assessed through gain statistical data, personal observation and end outcome of performance of each employee.

This assessment is usually made by supervisors and managers who keep noting this set of information in their closet records. Once the month is over, they evaluate all information and arrange everything in order. Resultantly the employee scoring most gets the reward of month’s best employee. This procedure needs information and strong observation through the month.


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