Employee Performance Evaluation Form Excel {Sample Format}

Performance evaluation form can be defined a process through which work done by employees is calculated with estimated work which is planned. Not only goals can be compared in fact quality of work is also compared in this evaluation. Form with all such information is performance evaluation form.

Here is template to download in Excel format for track monthly employee performance for marking employee of the month. These sample are in XLX format and available in 2007 and 2010 edition of Microsoft.

Features of Performance Evaluation

  • The quality of work can be inspected by project managers and department supervisors as variations can be discussed.
  • It outlines the need of training for certain employees to teach them new procedures to improve the work.
  • Employees need comments about their work whether they are doing it in wrong way or good ways.
  • Therefore objectives and goals need to be achieved by employees as worked can be compare with estimated and variations are made in case of differences in both.
  • The information can be reviewed buy upper management if needed.

Employee Performance Evaluation Form Excel

It strengthens employee confidentiality as when receive satisfied and good feedback over their work they will be confident about their work.

  • It further increases motivation of employees to do efficient and quality work within given time therefore helping in completing projects on time.
  • It makes employees more productive therefore increasing profits earnings for business which is main motive of every business.

Due to discussion employees will be aware that they need improvement in which fields and therefore it helps them to achieve expertise in certain field.

Employee Performance Evaluation Form

If company saw a huge difference in work performance between estimated and actual it can change work procedures or machines before enduring loss.

Track the Employees Monthly Performance

Microsoft word template is used mostly by all business to asses’ employee performance. a basic template consists of employee name and job title on top of template with a person who is supervising him.

Project Management Tracking Template

Here is many tracking template available for multiple purposes, mostly organizations been use apps for track the entire activity of employees even roster day and night shifting.

Heading of job performance will then be added showing content in the table about the job like quality of work, job knowledge and productivity etc with heading of service rating in front of them. The boxes should be filled with numerical numbers to provide clear information and review.



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