Employee Performance Scorecard Template Excel

Looking for evaluate the employees on different periods via some “Excel Template”. Using Performance scorecard template you can evaluate performance on different scale. Performance review is the most important task in the business organization to evaluate the employee on different parameters. Therefore, the organizations use this scorecard to evaluate their employees.

Moreover, this evaluation data helps the organization to promote the employee if he/she performs well. The performance score card includes all the relevant information an organization needs to evaluate their employees. As well as you can also include whatever additional information, parameters you want. You can customize this template as you want to evaluate your employees.

Benefits off using employee performance Score Card Template:

  1. You can customize as you want
  2. No need of wandering management
  3. Efficient records
  4. Efficient way to evaluate an employee
  5. Lower the burden
  6. Increase worker’s morale
  7. Less time to use.
  8. Easy and handy for use.Employee Performance Scorecard Template

How to Use:

There are 4 sections included in this template:

  1. Employee Information
  2. Characteristics/ parameters
  3. Goals
  4. Comments and Approval

Employee Information:

Employee information section, requires the information all data about an employee this section, includes the following:

  1. Employee name
  2. Employee I.D: I.D of the employee means the serial number the organization given to him/her.
  3. DEPARTMMENT: in which department, he/she works
  4. Position Held in organization: Designation of the employee.
  5. Name of the reviewer: the evaluator who evaluate the employee
  6. Reviewer Title: designation of the commentator
  7. Last Review Date: when review this employee before.
  8. Today’s Date: the date on which the review is being given.

Sale Action Plan Template {Employee Performance}

Characteristics/ parameters:

In this section, you must put all those parameters on which an employee is rated or reviewed. These parameters may be defined by the HR department Manager. Includes the qualities of the employee and their remarks on it like satisfactory, unsatisfactory, good, bad etc. then you must evaluate or check in front of all the qualities as decent, bad, satisfactory.


Thirdly, you must fill out the details about the goals that how much goals have achieved that set in previous review and The Goals for the next review must be written in the goals section. Therefore, the appraiser next time can see this sheet to evaluate on goals achievement.

Restaurant Employee Performance Evaluation Form

Comments and Approval:

So, in the last section you must give comments about this review of the performance. The comments may be given by the appraiser the person who evaluates the employee. And in the end the sheet must be signature by the reviewer and the employee.

In my opinion employee performance score card template is Mandatory for the Appraising and increasing the employee’s morale.


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