Employee Workload Analysis Template

Looking for employee workload analysis template in different Microsoft Template? As a manager you  must overview about multiple tasking management by any employee, sometime employee can’t give proper attention due to load of multiple project in tight time period. So through this template you can track, which project needs support or which need to divide workload to another employee.

Here is some best approaches for employee management system for you.

Task Allocation Management

In Pie chart you can monitor various types of tasks relates activities, so save time and effort for accomplishing goal. Pie chart explain each project in different colored pattern.

  • Complete
  • In Progress
  • Non-Started
  • Over Due

Employee Workload Analysis Template

In this dashboard overview, you can check few reporting trend for tracking project. With different color variation you can arrange tasks efficiently.

  • Complete
  • In Progress
  • Non Started
  • Over Due
  • None

Task Length Sheet

In different time-span various project related tasks, you can seen here

  • Create Guest List
  • Create Invitation
  • Hire Event Coordinator
  • Plan Event Details
  • Purchase Invitation Gift
  • Purchase Required Items
  • Send Invitations
  • Send Reminders

This employee workload analysis template can manage any project manager, or even employee himself for success project.


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