Examples of Salary slip in Malaysia and Hindi

Generating quick and accurate information regarding wages and salaries is convenient through record tracker which can help calculating salaries for employee payroll (MALAYSIA, Hindi) department through excel templates. How to calculate payroll in excel using excel formulas and automatic updating nature of the template increases efficiency of your accountants and HR manager? Additional information can be generated for other employees working in the department are also possible making communication process easy through employee payroll management.

This information can be gathered on weekly basis however generally as salaries are paid monthly, this information is also observed monthly. HR department is able to better manage and maintaining relationship between employee and business owner allowing warnings and harsh terms only for those employees who are unable to follow company rules and regulations related to attendance.

Employee Salary slip Format Malaysia and Hindi

This tracker sheet can prevent frustrating situations which occur if proper amount has not been paid to your staff members timely and some of the additional features are listed here: Some payroll software work for project management for easy and smart work.

  • Payroll calculator: – It helps you calculate total salary by automatically making additions and subtractions and showing the detail in table form with employee information as well. It’s a reliable and quick source for analyzing details of salary.

Salary Slip Malaysia

  • Shift timing details: – Total working hours as calculated on the basis of total working days in month and therefore total hours worked, vacation hours and break hours are shown in this template. Pie chart with different colors showing this detail is also added.

Bar chart makes analyzing easy about basic salary and then deductions due to sick hours and taxes. Printable paystub shows you show you net salary and this information can be viewed by others as well. For customize template of Salary slip Format Malaysia, contact Employee-Template.com



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