Manual Cash Book Spreadsheet Template Excel

Money management is one of the major focusing points to track expenses and identifying profit earning opportunities of a business. In case of missing information related to money transaction it has a major impact over the business therefore to avoid such a problem cash books are prepared and maintained manually or in electronic form. Spreadsheet are usually prepared in all types of businesses and industries and the template in excel can be chosen following format suitable to the specific business.

For evaluating financial performance in excel you need this document for checking accounts balance. When a business come across multiple projects one of the major emphasizing point before accepting a new one or before start working on another projects expenses and money available is track to make effective decisions which prove beneficial for business.

Format of Manual Cash Book Spreadsheet Template

Different types of cash books are prepared in businesses which are suitable for specific business and it is also related to the fact that who is preparing and updating the cashbook. it involves junior accountant or senior accountant.  The basic type of cash book prepared in business is single column cashbook. It is prepared following the format:

  • It is usually a simplest form of cashbook which can be easily prepared and can be maintained.
  • It mainly involves business where straight transactions are involved especially in self entrepreneur business.
  • The table usually consists of column outlining date, particulars, and amount.
  • Debit and credit side is separated and both consist of these headings.

Cash Book Spreadsheet Template Excel

The other common form of cash book usually prepared in businesses where transactions are made timely however it involve usually larger transactions.

  • The format is same as single column cashbook.
  • It consists of discount columns on both debit and credit side.
  • Discount received and discount given can be recorded properly.
  • Expenses and income earned can therefore be recorded properly.
  • Balance on both sides can be compared with each other.

Accurate Accounts in Cash Book

It is important to consider the difference discounts allowed and discounts received as one is advantageous to business increasing its profit earning potential while other is directly linked to expenses in the business cycle.

Discounts given are considered as expenses while discounts received are involved in income. Therefore recording them in right column is essential to maintain accurate accounts. A cashbook is considered fundamental to track the expenses made daily for successful operations of business while long term expenses can also be analyzed.

Recording Contra Entries in Excel Spreadsheet

For daily operations of business usually a small amount from account is withdrawal and is known as petty cash. However it is important to record each and minor transaction which in turn can become a major expense or summing up of profit form a large amount. Contra entries are usually confusing to handle however they can be easily recorded on Cash Book Spreadsheet Template Excel on either side of the manual cashbook.

Calculating expenses and therefore profit is easy. It helps in determine the present financial condition of the company which is required to make investment decisions. Small or big investments are both based on capital amount available in the business account.



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