Monthly Employee Training Record Template

Employee in simpler words can be defined as a person working for some other person or for some organization. He is being paid for work by business. Training can be described as making a person perfect for some task. It includes the teaching of way of work also.

Employ training record template can be defined as the ways of making a hired individual in making him perfect for some specific work or making him expert for some job and keeping record of all this data in computer. Today mostly companies use different technology for employee training.

What Company Gets Advantages?

A company hires individuals for long term therefore the worker should be in healthy condition. Training makes employee safe as he will know the procedure of working on a machine.

An employee may not be aware of certain skill as compared to other new individuals when hired but training is given to them it makes them similar in using skills at same level.

Employee Training Record Template

Specifications of Employee Training Record Template

  • This increases confidence in employees which will further brings improvement in their work.
  • Training makes workers more experts in production department.
  • More expert workers mean less wastage of raw material therefore more production.
  • More production means more profit earned by business.
  • Project managers can easily use their project team by looking at special characteristics of worker and his field of expertise.
  • Companies buy new updated machinery with time and production of new products according to market trends. Training therefore for existing employees is also very useful.

Microsoft excel template for employ training record

Training to employees is key factor for making business runs smoothly therefore Microsoft excel templates are prefer on other web-based templates as various types of templates are available.

Basic template should have column of date of training and a column consisting of employee’s names taking part in it. It should mention whether the training has been attended by employees and finally most important whether the employee is failed or passed in the training through which his level of expertise can be detected.


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