Part Time Employee Payment Agreement Template

Download employee agreement template in the basis of part time or full time in Word printable format. Just print terms and condition in company paper and collect the final document.

Employment agreement is basically a binding string between an employee and employer as it shows a contract made at the time of hiring a worker in an organization. That’s why employee salary slip format help a lot in this case for perfect system. It is written on the paper or recorded in computer which shows the rules and terms which an employee has to follow during time span of his job.

Advantages of Employee Agreement Template (Payment)

Employee hired maybe for a good position will have access to company information and accounts. Information can be sensitive therefore employee cannot illegally use the information or cannot leak the information to any third party therefore agreement offers a trust factor to be form between employer and employee.

Monthly Specific Payment System

Employers want increment in their salaries and wages annually or after six months or quarterly therefore terms mentioned in agreement about increment offers to that specific employee helps in preventing discussion and dispute between two parties and a clear understanding also.

Agreement shows the jobs need to perform by a certain worker at the work place therefore he know to achieve objectives in given time span offering more profits to business and rewarding good fame in the market.

Employment Agreement Template

Disadvantages of worker contract

It limits both employee and employer to terms and conditions mentioned in the contract. a employee may find other better working opportunity however he cannot change the job as he is bound to agreement.

Same is the case with employer he is also unable to change employee if he found more professional and expert employee. Contract cannot be broken by both parties so that they cannot catch in legal penalties.

Microsoft Word Template as Employee Agreement

Microsoft word template is wonderful choice of all type of businesses in this regard. Basic template should contain all the basic information of employee like his name, title of job and salary, However proper terms and conditions should be added in template which should be followed by both employee and employer. Payment terms and termination should be highlighted as they are cause of dispute later.


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