Permission Letter Format for Gate Pass

Gate passes are utilized by employees and the other staff members in the office. Permission letter is granted to employees for different purpose however following a Printable Word format for specific purpose is useful.

To enhance security in the office premises cards are issued for employees holding their personal and professional information to use cards for entry purposes. Cards can be viewed by any senior member or the persons responsible for security in the office to check whether employees are employed in the office or not. Without permission employee can get warning, so get employee warning letter template.

Gate passes are also utilized to manage and handle visitors of different types in events. The events can be organized for personal or business purpose therefore visitors and guests are invited casually or due to some special purpose.

Format of Permission Letter for Gate Pass

This card is related to time tracking as while the card is used at the entrance gate arrival time can be recorded exactly.

  • The company name and logo is showed on the card.
  • Late in/ early out permission gate pass is added to show its purpose.
  • The employee name and the department are mentioned.
  • Designation of employee as well as his supervisor name is mentioned.
  • Reason for and the signatures of employee should be present.

Permission Letter Format for Gate Pass

Permission Letter Format for Employee Leave

Leaves can be taken by employees due to some medical reason or for vocational purpose. It can be during spare days of the year or busy days. Therefore employee is asked to write a letter to show the purpose of the leave. The name of the employee and date is added.

Gate Pass Format in School

Institutions require gate pass to maintain discipline and ensure majority of the students in the class while teacher is delivering lecture.

A pass can be for entering the school date if a student is late or to enter the office. Passes are also formulated to show the purpose of student leaving the class.


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