Pro Forma Financial Statement Template Excel Sheet

For continuous progress and development of business operations effective planning process plays a major role. Pro forma is therefore considered very important estimated financial documents in a business which helps in making master plans for business. Financial statements are helpful as they show the current financial position of the company. Its template is therefore prepared in Microsoft word.

To identify working capacity of project team is helpful when assigning jobs to workers in a project team. Planning strategies are focused to complete a specific project on time which can be ensured each team member must be stick with commitments made by him.

Format of Pro Forma Financial Statement Template

Cash reserves are saved by each clever businessman who knows importance of cash in case of financial instability faced by business.  Like balance sheet prepared under per forma can be created in Microsoft word.

Role of Pro Forma Financial Statement Excel

  • Financial sheets created under pro forma like income statements and other sheets show estimated expenses.
  • Estimation helps in making effective plans for business.
  • To carry out expenses of business properly enough amount of money is required.
  • Identifying earning opportunities for business is beneficial to develop and for growth of business.

Pro Forma Financial Statement Template

  • However making investments without proper planning may results in loss of large amount of money which may affect running of business operations uniformity.
  • It is mandatory to earn amount in the form of profit to pay out all stake holders as well as business partners who have contributed their strength and time in the business.
  • To prevent hindrance in working operations when working on a specific project or as a whole is beneficial.

Assets are divided under fixed or current categories owned and handles by business. Net assets are also showed in the sheet under each different year. Liabilities are also added under current and fixed liabilities of a business.


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