Product Price List Excel Template Format

At retail stores, whole sale centers and other business points, product price list are very important for customer inquiries and price quotation. Using Excel list templates, you can get over this task easily. These templates are designed and created in custom format to list up all the available range of product in particular business and their relevant prices on a side.

There are various things which need their prices to be revised and re-checked timely. In this case, you don’t have to make an entire new list in fact by simply updating values; you get a new price chart.

It might be feasible for a smaller shop to use manual means for this purpose but in case of large whole sale centers and retail points where hundreds and thousands of different products are being sold every day, these are very much important for quick and precise pricing in organized manner. These templates have variety of features to outline, outdate, update and highlight specific portions. Also you don’t have to set margins, align content and recreate the draft upon new price arrival.

Format of Product Price List Excel Template

As far as the format of product price list is concerned, one can have his own order of rates and product listing as per the module of business or types of products. You can either randomly list down all the available range or either you may organize them in an order. Moreover there is a contentious factor which is the revision of prices of few products which are not consistent.

In this case, you need to set out a format which adjusts new prices on daily basis.  Here we have listed a couple of important and general factors regarding the common and considerable layout for most businesses;

  • Write down the name of company or sale point of products on the main title position
  • List down all your items, alphabetically, categorically or ascending or descending order of prices
  • Draw a column of prices in front of the column of products, write their prices in it
  • You can additionally add a column of date which adjusts variable prices for particular date
  • Lastly you can also add a note about quoted prices and their comparative justification for customer satisfaction

These are few necessary factors which must be incorporated while you are created your rate list.

Excel List Template for Product Order

Instead of manually drawing these columns and margins on a paper, you can go for a smarter approach which is the use of tool. These templates are very much helpful and assistive in quick listing of prices according to product order and you can make changes instantly. Using more advance functions of Excel, you can also add multiple rates for single and multiple units.

These templates let you quickly create a precise list of rates and update or edit it as when you want. You can save time, be perfect about the order of work and also you avoid pile of work to be done in order to manually create lists.


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