Project Management Gap Analysis Template Excel

Gap analysis is a practice considered fundamental in businesses as they outline variance between budgeted and actual work. Microsoft Excel template is specifically designed in format chosen by specific firm. You can perform various project management tasks through this tool, also manage staff.

Various challenged are faced by businesses however to face these challenges effective planning and budgeting is required. This template is categorizes in Microsoft tracking template.

Making long term plans in different consequences usually carried out by skilled managers. Investments are made on forecasting decisions and plans which are based on budgets from the previous time or by viewing company performance in the past in some particular year. It has positive impact on the profit making capacity of the business.

Format of Gap Analysis Template Excel

Evaluating potential of workforce is helpful in driving them further towards the work. This template is designed in excel to show the difference between budgeted work and actual work. The target which is set by company as desired result is also mentioned.

  • Monitoring performance of managers as well as project team is helpful by allocating those jobs more effectively.
  • Gap analysis template is therefore helpful in setting effective targets therefore exerting force on managers and labor to strive more to achieve targets.
  • Achieving targets can be made possible by dedication and efficiency in work processes practiced by these people.
  • Offering rewards and incentives in case of good work performed by anyone can be easily and effectively done using this template.


Standard Difference Resulted

  • One of the reasons which affect sales of a company in a positive or negative manner is quality of final product.
  • A customer always prefer product of inferior quality when same price is available.
  • This specific template shows the quality which was budgeted and expected from the raw material and expertise of work force and therefore the actual quality which was produced.

Goal Gap in Project Management Operations

  • Setting objectives for company is effective as plans and strategies are based according to it.
  • However in case of difference in understanding of objective between workforce and senior management it may cause loopholes to develop in work processes.
  • Management may be focused on quality of final product however workforce may consider producing more volumes of goods without focusing on quality.

Role of Gap Analysis Template in Service Business

Some businesses are service providing however different goals and objectives are set. In case of a new restaurant opened an owner is may be much focused on providing excellent hygienic service to customers to increase number of customers coming to new restaurant.

Gap Analysis Chart

However staff may be consider making more profit for the owner. A template therefore specifically designed for this purpose helps in reducing communication gap between management and workforce and clearing out goals of company more clearly. This also motivated staff to work more efficiently as well as outlining new earning opportunities for business.

It is prepared for a specific project also showing current available resources for the project as well as gaps identified. Problems and implications faced and therefore the solution of gap identified is also mentioned in this template. This Gap Analysis Template Excel therefore effects the functioning of a business in positive manner.


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