Sample Employee Contract Template Word

Imagine yourself as a employer hiring a new worker and want to specify his rights and wage then you need a platform to mention them.

Employee contract is therefore a signed agreement by both employer and worker. A table in electronic media showing terms and conditions of working is basically a contract template.

It is created at the time of hiring a new employee and when it is signed by both employer and employee they both are obliged by certain obligations which both of them need to be followed. It has therefore fundamental importance for both employee and employer.

Specifications of Employee Contract Template

  • Two copies are made on hiring of labor. One is provided to worker and other is kept by business safely.
  • Designation: a major content of contract is position of the employee which should be clearly stated in agreement.

it is necessary because later it will outline and define the worker’s duties at the workplace or in some cases duties are also specified on work contract sheet.


  • Hiring date: the date at which a worker is hired should be mentioned as he worker will be entitled to agreement terms and conditions from that date onward.
  • Types of agreement: mainly two types of agreement are there one is open agreement which does not show any specific period for which employee is being hired.
  • The employer must mention specific reason for which employee is being dismissed or in case of labor turnover.

Fixed contract:

it is followed by most business as it shows the time period for which employee and employer is subject to contract terms after which contract is terminated or renewed.

Format of Word Template for Employee Contract

Different types of templates can be created in word according to the choice of business, however contract agreement basic template must consists of company name on the top and then the terms and conditions of agreement.

Enumeration and its mode of payment should be mentioned. A good agreement also shows annual leaves to prevent any dispute later. It should be signed by both employer and employee.


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