Sample Letter Of Postpone Joining Date For Employee

Sample letters are available online for businesses and persons to use them for their effective and growing career. Coming across new problems are common when a person has decided to join a new firm or new job. Giving interviews is a initial stage when looking for a new job. Joining date is a specific day for which the new firm has asked the person to come to office and start a new job. Postpone from the person can be due to any personal reason or due to his existing job.

Usually person initiate searching job when the other job has not yet terminated and is about to terminate. Therefore in case of selection to the new place cannot be enjoyed by a person till his existing job period is not over. It is specifically due to agreement which is signed when he has joined a particular job.

Format of Sample Letter of Postpone Joining Date Employee

  • In case of postpone the person is required to write a letter to let the new company inform of the reason for which he cannot appear in the workplace on the date they asked for.
  • From (the applicant)
  • His address and date when letter is written
  • To (the new hiring company)
  • Address
  • Subject of letter
  • Body holding the purpose of postpone

Letter Of Postpone Joining Date

Sample Letter to Postpone Court Date

In a situation when a person is out of station and is unable to come back till the date which the court has assigned him a person is required to write a letter to the court by indicating the purpose of his visit to another city or country and the problems which are not letting him return back till that date.

Letter of Extension of Joining Date in Bank

A person who has applied for a specific designation in the bank is required to write this type of letter to HR department to let them know that they are unable to join the job and therefore asking the extension of date to join the new job.

This is Letter of Postpone Joining Date for Employee for project manager and other Company CEO, You must request us for customize this one.


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