Utilizing different modal approaches for project management

Ensuring project success before deadline is key duty of effective project manager however approaches utilized by managers have different effects on project  lifecycle. Projects are differet in nature from other projects and they also vary from organization to organization therefore approach which is most suitable for specific project must be adopted by project head.

Model 1

It mainly focuses on stability of project. It consists of clear goals and objectives of project without overlapping of stages. Project managers adopting this mode have clear objectives in mind therefore they can make plans ensuring completion of these tasks. Project goals and requirements can be defined more easily therefore effective planning process is certain. Inter relationship between jobs can be noticed as well as manufacturing and implementation of project is outlined.

Model 2

It is like spiral model. It is more flexible model and tasks which are dependent and independent tasks can be outlined. This model must be properly managed and followed to complete project as it is a multi layered model. Processes are repeatedly often till the satisfied product is produced. High speed and lower complexity is ensured by using moel approach for project management.


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