Weekly Employee Status Report Template Excel

Download weekly Project status report planning template for employees in excel format. Imagine yourself in an enterprise serving at the position of managers with different responsibilities and carrying out tasks in a manner which can be achieved by employees. Companies need to prepare employee reports for various purposes and forming them regularly or after a fixed span of time.

Regarding to project or employee helps in monitoring his work morale and performance evaluation. It minimizes the effort of assigning tasks to workforce and checking their output of work if the report formed is clear and user friendly.

Weekly Status Report Template Excel

Small businesses and institutions mostly rely on this sort of report which is prepared after a week. It is formed and modified easily. Here is multiple project reporting template regarding financial aspect and other documentation procedure.

Features of Project Status Report

  • Project managers have duty of completing project before time.
  • They therefore prepare a plan of achieving this outcome.
  • He assigns tasks to his team members to ensure completion of work.
  • He is maybe not able to monitor individual task and its stage.

Benefits of weekly Report for Employees

  • It saves time as it is not possible to monitor tasks and goals of each individual employee.
  • Organizing and managing this report is easy as it only deals with issues related to one week.
  • It is very beneficial as effective decisions making on time.
  • In case of variance from plan it can be set out.
  • Issues can be resolved quickly therefore not affecting production cycle.
  • Manager can quickly review the milestone of project whether they are achieved or not.
  • It makes the process of tracking easy as manager can quickly review who is carrying out which job? Completion or non completion of job?
  • In case of need of training it can be arranged quickly.

Weekly Status Report Template

Microsoft excel is an excellent choice for this purpose helps in increasing productivity. It can be easily created in excel or a person can choose an existing template. The table consists of seven days of a week and the time division of shifts in relation to tasks given. It shows goals achieved by employees. It is timely sheet which is updated regularly. Issues facing by employees must be outlined.

Different time periods are adopted by different companies to prepare reports. Large scale industries and big business mainly rely on reports forming on monthly basis. Employee project reporting sheet can also help you regarding project plan.

Features of Monthly Status Reports

  • It is easy to prepare and updated them.
  • It gives an idea about variance in budgeted and actual work.
  • Conferences arranged offers benefit as issues can be outlined by workforce.
  • Issues can be resolved easily.
  • It is easier to identify changes in process of production cycle.
  • It is easier for performance evaluation and assessment of employees.

Template for Monthly Reports

Microsoft excel is popular choice due to its flexibility of nature. A basic template for this purpose mainly consists of three basic categories. The first is “completed tasks” which shows the goals and objectives already achieved by employees and date of completion of work.

The one is “work in progress” which as the name shows outlines tasks which have been started but not completed yet. It also shows the date of starting. The last one is “decided tasks” which are basically tasks assigned to workforce but work on them has not been started yet.



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