Weekly Staff Attendance Sheet Template

Staff attendance can be described as employees and workers hired by an organization and whether they are coming to office daily or not. Weekly sheet template can shows the table or document keeping record of seven days of week.

Weekly staff attendance sheet template in the combined form can be discussed as a proper recording of workers activities during a week showing where they have spend their time and keeping updated knowledge and the process to record it in computer.

Features and Benefits of Weekly Staff Attendance Sheet

  • A proper record of labor time can cause success of business or can be a factor of its downfall.
  • It helps in understanding the attitude of employees.
  • More attendance of workers shows their motivation towards the company.
  • If workers will come to office more regularly they will spent most of their time on working to achieve their goals this will help them in becoming more expert for certain tasks.
  • More attendance of workers result in maximizing profits as a company operating multiple projects at a time need more labor hour therefore in case of absence company has to hire extra part time staff which will result in increased expense lowering profit of specific project and finally company‚Äôs profit.
  • Workers will be more dedicated towards the work as they know their performance is being record therefore examined by upper management.
  • They will not try to look for spare time in fact they will try to do more quality work in less time.
  • Leaves during a week can be noticed and asked for if necessary.


Microsoft excel template as weekly staff attendance sheet

The importance of staff attendance sheet is already mentioned however Microsoft excel template is preferred by most industries. Most large scale industries have large number of employees and to keep records of their weekly performance can easily be managed in Microsoft excel template. Basic template for this should show the month.

First column should contain name of employees and days of week. Colors can be added to show absent or present of particular worker. Comment column can be added if desired by company.


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