Create Attendance Sheet for Employees in Excel with Formulas

Companies investing thousand of dollar in creating employee attendance management so why you don’t want to create this sheet in excel and earn plenty of money though small business software?

Time saving strategies are recommended in companies, so that more time can be spend on production rather than looking for records require. Manual “attendance sheets” are now replaced with more effective system of recording and tracking that is using attendance templates and then sharing them with your payroll department. Creating attendance sheet for employees in excel with formulas is now easier through guide and video tutorial and here is one added for you.

How to create attendance sheet for employees in excel with formulas?

Whether you are pro in excel or just the beginner, you are now able to create these sheets following these simple steps.

  • If you have selected the blank template or new Microsoft excel window, start by entering you company information including name, logo and date of preparation.
  • Look for all the employees, for which specific sheet is prepared, that is you are using spreadsheet for all the employees or for specific sheet for individual department.
  • Start entering your employee’s names in the first column, under heading employee name.
  • Once done, start entering all the days of the month, along the specific date on the top, and then you are only required to enter time in the below cell, for each specific employee.

Use this template for recording “arrival and departure” time, and do add lunch break time as well. Time interval and specific times can be set in the settings menu.


Free Employee Attendance Tracker

If you are interested in looking for the more regular employee, you must look upon for the employee attendance tracker template. It is available in different formats, and can be created by you as well, in the same way mentioned above.

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