Daily Attendance Sheet Excel Format 2018

Looking for attendance sheet template in excel format “Year 2018 calendar)”? In this template you can add more than 300 students data with their leave record. Mostly schools already using this type of system forĀ  evaluate each student performance regarding leave and attendance record. Custom service is available regarding this template, if you want to make it custom for your own choice than you must contact our support team.

Daily Attendance Sheet Excel Format

Here is detail of how to use it? No matter you have Excel skill or not, just follow guideline and create your student database easily.

  • Student Attendance Tracker
  • Student Attendance Summary
  • Student Database

Dashboard (Student Attendance Tracker)

In dashboard you can just edit few things for display particular Year like “Calendar 2018” and particular date to date. Holidays already manage and didn’t account overall in this reporting.

  • Absent
  • Present
  • Leaves

All three options like “Absent” “Present” and Leaves is displaying in different colors


Employee “ID” is relates to particular employee name, which data save in other sheet.

Employee Attendance Summary

In this sheet you just need to enter Student ID and print their record of monthly or daily. You can easily seen chart via different colors variations.

So this attendance sheet in excel format 2018 is printable document, No of saving options relates to daily to monthly. This is also use in leave record of student and get student progress sheet in excel.

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