Labor & Material Cost Estimator and Job Card Template Excel

Estimating the costs and resources required for specific project is elemental to reduce risks which are faced by specific project. Labor is required to complete a specific job. A card with a table showing labor and material required to accomplish a specific job is shown on job card which can be created in Microsoft excel template.

It is also important to arrange the finance before time to avoid wastage of time which is divided effectively between the processes to complete a specific project. Companies often come across a situation when resources are limited as well as the time however effective estimation helps in facing this situation efficiently.

Format of Labor and Material Job Card Template

A project manager is consider responsible of jobs and tasks assigned to him which he further divides out in it team and workers under him. Before working on a specific job workers suitable for the job as well as resources required for it is always carried out by a head of the job to prevent any block in the process once it is initiated. Companies using electronic media to ease out their processes use Microsoft excel to create job costing sheet for different purposes in it. A template for material and labor job card usually shows:

  • A table is mainly divided among two categories labor and material cost estimator.
  • A labor cost estimator table shows heading of tasks which need to be done by labor.
  • Like incase of electrical firm it include tasks like test loosen connections, update all the electrical plugs, changing the damaged wires and checking power supply problem.
  • In case of any expert or skilled labor require for any job it should be mentioned otherwise it is considered as simple job for the company.
  • It shows duration of time allotted by workers for the specific job as well as charged. Per hour charged multiplied by all the hours required show net expense of labor.

Cost Estimator Job Car Template

Purpose of Labor and Material Job Card Template

Job card also shows the material cost estimated for particular job. Material required such as cleaning materials, power cables and sundry items are mentioned in the list. In case of power cables of different thickness required it must also be mentioned on the template. Units required of each item is mentioned therefore net cost required for specific job can be calculated.

Job tracking

Once the template is created it is approved and signed by manager accepting responsibility and authentication of the document. This card shows the direct costs required for a particular job. Estimated costs from the cards helps in making planning process easy and more functional plans can be identified. It is helpful in preventing a chance when any job is missed.

Job batching

One of the major benefits this card template offers for the manager is that they can distribute job among the workers in a more organized manner. Workers which are free as well as workers doing a specific job can be viewed by managers therefore they can assign upcoming jobs to free workers matching their skills.

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