Workflow management and how it is related to project management?

Good performance performed by project team is dependent on various factors and smart project manager ensures workflow is maintained in company, to achieve objectives on time. If milestones are not met timely, it might be due to any loophole in the workflow process.

To improve team performance, both project management and workflow matters. But are you really aware of how they are related to the project success and what is actually meant by these terms? Check out

Workflow Management and Project Management

Let’s make a look at these terms and what does actually meant by them.

  • Coordination among tasks
  • Milestones
  • Project requirements
  • Creative plans
  • External and internal sources

Project Management

Generally everyone is aware of it, but a process which ensures project does not face any major issue from starting till end and its completion on time is project management.

Workflow Management

This term basically describes a whole process is continuous from initiation will end and if a single task is completed, another one is ready to be worked upon.

For a successful project, there must be a correct understanding of these terms and how they are linked to each other.


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